Obama’s COLB is forged

The Hawaiian COLB contains security features that some might be be aware of. The lines on the paper are designed to prevent forgery and fraud. I will post several images of real Hawaiian Birth Certifications and Obama’s which can be seen as a forgery and a fake.

Here we have an actual Hawaiian Birth Certification.

another-hawaiian-bcI have adjusted the contrast and brightness and flipped the image to be able to read the SEAL and Date

another-hawaiian-bc1Notice the impression of the embossed SEAL and Date stamp.

Here is another Hawaiian BC found on the internet

file0015-croppedThis one we will use to again, compare the Obama forgery. Notice that the SEAL’s are in the same general area on both.

Now here is the Obama “COLB” posted on “Fight the Smears”

bobirthcertificateNotice that there is NO indications of a date stamp, or embossed SEAL.

We will now compare the area were the SEAL should be. Here is the SEAL for the 1990 COLB above. It has been cropped tp cover the bottom righthand section. seclines3We will now, adjust the contract and brightness to the area

seclines1Notice the security line [vertical and horizontal] are broken where the SEAL is embossed. Below is a close-up of the embossed SEAL area.

seclines7jpgagain, clearly showing the security lines broken, due to the SEAL. Here is the section and area used

seclines8Now here is the same bottom righthand section on the Obama “COLB”.

seclines4Notice there are NO lines broken or anything indicating that a stamp or SEAL was ever applied to the document. Here is a comparison of the same areas togather.

seclines10This is proof that the “COLB” posted on Fight the Smears is a computer generated forgery that could in no way be an Official document from the State of Hawaii, as they could not ever release a COLB without the SEAL or Date Stamp.

Obama and his campaign fabricated a forged document.

Here is what a REAL Hawaiian Long Form Birth certificate looks like.

1963bcaand another Long Form


Notice the following the 1962 Long Form has the same security lines and you can see the embossed seal.

ruth-sealcompsmEven the 1963 Long Form has the same security lines.

1963bcsealReverse showing the back

1963bcsealbEven the 1962 Long Form that was taken by hand and NOT scanned can you see the embossed seal. WHY CAN”T YOU SEE IT ON Obama’s? Because it’s FAKE!

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