Certificate Security

State and Fereral Documents have embedded security features and these are designed to make if difficult to forge and duplicate.

Here are two examples. The first is the Obama marriage certificate. I did a search and was able to locate it. A used the same method used on the forged Obama COLB, adjusting the brightness and contrast to bring out the security featues. In the marriage certificate the words “VOID” are clearly visible, when using this method. This image has three different degrees of adjustment and I pasted the sections onto the origional as so you could see that they are real.


Here is my Son’s COLB issued in 2006 from the State of Washington. Using the same method as above again the words “VOID” are clearly visible. However these features are NOT clearly seen just by looking at the documents.


Remember Obama’s COLB is showing No embossed Seal. It is a computer generated forgery. The Security lines are discussed below, showing NO breakage from any stamp or SEAL being applied.