GM under Obama

The Obama Administration would like to introduce you to the new and upcoming Green Friendly GM Models.

Our first is a euro compact that is easy to drive, esp. for the lady drivers. Features easy access and storage, runs on no gas, and able to park in a stable.
Be the first on your block or in your mosque to to parade around in this hot little number.

GM Under Obama

For the heavy hauler, and those used to the SVC crowd, this big roomy cab is your ticket to everyday luxuary. Be the envy of the madrassa crowd as you wheel around town in this new GM.

GM Under Obama1

Both models offer low dealer maintenance and shoe’s are guaranteed for 500 miles, before reshoeing.

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  1. hahah, those aren’t ‘green’ vehicles.. those animals produce methane which is damaging the ozone layer as fast as gas-emissions are.. just a different type of ‘gas’.. laffin. too cute.

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