The COLB Playing Card


I have been keeping track of the COLB’s that have been posted on the internet. The lastest entry is the “Lucas Smith Kenyan Birth Certificate”. Here is a screen shot of the main page [below] it has embedded images of the Hawaiian and kenyan Templates that were used to create the forgeries.

The Obama COLB’s posted on “FTS” – Fight the Smears and FactCheck were created with the Hawaiian template [embedded] the date stamp Jun 6 – 2007 is clearly visible on the template and the several anomolies, such as the dots that others have mentioned are also visible.

The Kenyan Template is also embedded.

The Lucas Smith Kenyan Birth Certificate also known as the eBay Certificate is not in a singular image, but rather several screenshots. First impression on this one was it was a xeroxed copy of a Hospital Birth Certificate that would have been given to Obama’s parents. Hence the presence of the footprint. This xeroxed copy under higher contract would have resulted in the extra dark lettering and lack of finer details in the footprint itself. The additional information, such as the attending Doctor made this one a bit more convincing. One detail that was still lacking is Barack Obama Sr age, still only refered to as ’25’ with no specific date. This was one clue that initially dropped the believability factor. Without another similar document from the same era and institution, it would be hard to authenticate this one.

However, one thing that all these COLB’s have in common is the ease that a Birth Certification or Certificate can be forged and presented as a real document. Leading to what others have refered to as a ‘breeder’ document.  Where a false or forged Birth Certificate can be used to generate additional documents. Illegal’s have been using this tactis for many years.  Only now has the industry looked at it, and even FoxNews has reported on it.

Again, and as I will state making all the more important for the State of Hawaii to release whatever ‘record’ they have on file for Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro aka Barry Obama aka Barry Dunham aka ?

Here is a word doc with the blank templates. The COLB Playing Card

Here is a link to the full spreadsheet:

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