Natural Born Citizen- Visual Guide

Here is the Natural Born Citizen. explained visually.

NBC vs ObamaFinal

3 Responses

  1. jurisdiction = father (parents) citizen or legally domiciled in U.S.

  2. WHEN will there be some resolution on this issue? Days go by and Obama sinks his illegal talons more deeply into the ground that bears America’s liberty and freedom. I do NOT want him representing me or my country, as his usurper position makes him unfit for consumption and commission of these duties…OF the office of the President of the United States. HE should NOT be speaking FOR the United States or for any Americans.

  3. now, why again was the ONLY entity that was allowed to obtain any documented information about obama?

    seems odd, doesn’t

    why were they chosen?

    were they the only ones who submitted requests for his birth cert during that time?

    makes ya go, “hmmmm”

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