Signed, sealed, and delivered from Kenya

With Holloween appraching, must wonder if the ghosts of Obama past are finally coming home to haunt the illegal undocumented alien Usurper. Barack Hussein Obama II aka Barry Soetoro aka Barry Dunham aka Barry Obama is but a pimple on the face of America. A blot as clear as the black-head that he is.  Barck Obama is a pathalogical liar and a Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) classic case study.

A recent newspaper article discovered, but origionaly printed in 2004, clearly states “Kenyan-born US Senate hopeful, Barrack Obama,”


Another article released just this week, states that It seems Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America (via a sleepy village in Kenya called Nyang’oma K’Ogelo)”


Obama supporters have a hard time excepting that the reality that he was born in Kenya, thereby eliminating all possibilty that he can even claim ‘native’ American citizenship under Title 8 of the US Code. As being born in a foreign country to an underage mother is not covered by US Jurisdiction.  One must wonder how easily his supporters aer decieved, as even the Kenyan Parliment, the Government of Kenya has stated that Barack Obama is Kenyan,  


Wednesday, 5th November, 2008

The House met at 9.00 a.m.

Dr. Khalwale: On a point of order, Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir. You have heard none other than the Leader of Government Business acknowledge that because of Obama’s win in the United States of America (USA), the House is crippled.

Could we allow him to move a Motion for Adjournment so that we could also continue the celebrations of having a Kenyan ruling the USA? I humbly request!    *****[note – “having a Kenyan ruling the USA”!]

Read the entire document;

So the question remains, ‘Why has Kenya been the ONLY country that has claimed Obama?’ Not one witness, hospital, doctor has stepped forward to state that Obama was born ‘ANYWHRE’ in the United States – NONE. But the country of Kenya lays claims to Obama, that he was born there, the village of his birth, a birth certificate (not the forged copies that Obama states have come from Hawaii), numerous newspaper articles and statements from public officials, including the Ambassador to Kenya.

The Constitution not only states that you must be a ‘Natural Born Citizen’ to be eligibile for the Presidency, but it also lays out the penalty for TREASON.  Barack Hussein Obama II aka Barry Soetoro aka Barry Dunham aka Barry Obama has been in violation of the Constitution, the laws of this country and is guilty of treason.