Create your own Barack Obama Hawaiian Birth Cetification

I have been asked how I created the Obama Hawaiian Birth Certification, based on the YouTube video

Here is a comparison between the Obama forged COLB and the one I created using Mediachance RealDraw Pro. Here is the ‘Certification of Live Birth’ posted by Obama on Fight the Smears.

Here is the BLANK HAWAIIAN TEMPLATE that has been on the internet

Note that the above ‘BLANK HAWAIIAN TEMPLATE’ has the Jun6 -2007 date already on the image.

Using the RealDraw program, I then added the same text as found on the Obama ‘FTS’ COLB, and even added the appearance of an embossed seal.

Here is an overlay with the Obama ‘FTS’ COLB on the bottom and the text that I overlayed on the BLANK HAWAIIAN TEMPLATE to show that they fit exactly.

Here is a closeup of the text showing how exact they are.

The end result is that even with a basic graphics program, a little patience and know how, anyone can create a Birth Certification. However I would like to note, that in creating this I in no way am passing this off as an authentic, valid Birth Certification, Birth Certificate or legal document. The sole purpose is documenting that the Obama “Certification of Live Birth” posted on ‘FTS’ Fight the Smears and FactCheck are in fact forgeries and in documenting how they were produced.