The followers of Barack Obama have taken a nose dive off the deep end of reality and entered into the hopeless pit of denial and wonderment of the science fiction era known as Trek Obama. Anyone breathing and an IQ higher then 60 (which barely includes most Obama supporters) has seen, heard of, or been part of Star Trek. Star Trek is the fictional reality of the future, again like Obama’s fictional past, where everyone’s needs are magically meet and no personal needs are ever denied, along and no costs ever being mentioned, because this is a fictional utopia.

 In the original series, an episode called “And the children shall lead”, featured what appears to be a benevolent alien that a group of children could call upon, but discovered almost to late that in reality he was evil. Here is the episode synopsis:

 When the U.S.S. Enterprise finds that all the adults in the Starnes Expedition to Triacus have killed themselves, they beam to the planet’s surface to investigate. The children, however, are alive and well and strangely oblivious to their parents’ fates.

They are beamed aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise while Kirk searches for an answer to the strange occurrences. The children summon their “friendly angel” Gorgan, who tells them to take the U.S.S. Enterprise to a planet he can control. By garbling Kirk’s words and deceiving Spock, the children are able to take control of the starship. Finally, seeing Kirk’s anxiety at the loss of his ship, Spock realizes that something is wrong and helps the Captain regain control.

Kirk shows the children tricorder tapes of their parents … and their graves, demonstrating to them that Gorgan is not a “friendly angel” but an evil force. The loss of his believers renders Gorgan impotent and he fades into oblivion.

 Now bear in mind that this benevolent helper of the children remind us of another benevolent  alien, Barack Obama. Barack Obama came along and promises everything for everyone, with no mention of the cost. How many times were his followers seen clamoring “I won’t have to worry about my mortgage”, “I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car”, ‘he said if I help him, he would help me.”

 In mere months the façade has fallen off the Obama gorgon, and exposed the inner layers, just as Captain Kirk, exposed the true nature of the original gorgon. As more of the layers are peeled back, with the exposure of ACORN corruption, the charade of the public Terrorist trials, the Court Martial of Navy SEALs for given a known terrorist a ‘fat lip’ during capture, covering up the Ft Hood Terrorist attack, Obama’s staggering dragging his feet on supporting our troops and commander in Afghanistan, his total lack of experience in governance, reckless disregard for the United States Constitution, bowing to foreign leaders, among other items too long to mention here.

 I wonder what will happen after too many layers are revealed, or what will be the publics reaction upon seeing the real Barack Obama unmasked. Or when Barack Obama followers wake up and discover they have been assimilated into the collective, but not for their own good.