Prove it to yourself – So easy ANYONE can do it Pt 2

In an ongoing effort to educate those about the COLB fogery. I have been holding some cards back. Now it’s time to “Cry Havoc! And slip the dogs of war”.

There are those that claim, that the COLB off “FTS’ Fight the Smears is scanned and therefore defects and other items are not going to be picked up. Or that the high resolution images off FactCheck are just as deceptive. Well lets take a look at these. First off the image off The DailyKos is (w) 2427 x (h) 2369 to compare this to the average users desktop which currently is (w) 1280 x (h) 1024 – hence this document the DailyKos posted is over two (2) times the size, the even higher resolution images off FactCheck come in at a whopping (w) 2304 x (h) 3072 or close to three (3) times the size of the standard desktop resolution, some of the FactCheck images are rotated to the side and therefore some are (w) 3072 x (h) 2304 respectfully.

There is a filter that can be applied to digital images called Statistical Image Enhancement [We will refer to this as SEI].  Which is defined as ‘The present invention relates to image enhancement by exploiting statistical properties of reference images. In particular, images may be sharpened by reconstructing missing frequency components in accordance with statistical constraints that are determined from higher order statistical properties of a reference image that corresponds to the difference of the original image and a lowpass filtered version thereof. This form of statistical image enhancement may also be applied to image and video coding in order to achieve superior image qualities at higher compression gains by transmitting statistical properties of the coding error together with the encoded images.’ 

Digital enhancement is routinely done in the field of astronomy. With the advent of CCD imaging, and software that allows even the basic amateur astronomers, to capture and enhance images caputred in with the  basic of telescopes.  Go to the Meade Telescope web-site and browse through the gallery section, or a simple google search of the same. Here is a good resource,

Now this leads us to the images posted on the internet refered to the the previous “Prove it to yourself – So easy ANYONE can do it”  Some comments that I recieved complained that MS Paints is to basic a program, that is the point, without any special software, it is possible to detect the forgery.  Now let’s move on to further establish the forgery is self-evident.

There is a nifty freeware program called ‘Image Analyzer’. This program will be a treat for most computer users as it can manipulate pictures from the net or digital cameras. 

Now we are going to take the next stair up the forgery staircase. If you have downloaded and kept the images off the original “Prove it to yourself – So easy ANYONE can do it” you can use the same ones for this exercise. Off my blog are some additional images. Download the following images. The Decosta Birth Certificate, The Tomoyasu Birth Certificate, The Covered 1990 Certificate, The Edith Rear images.  Then after installing Image Analyzer, open the individual images and then go to the menu bar and select the ‘Operations’ – ‘Color Correction’ – ‘Statistical image enhancement…’ option, a pop-up will appear with the mathematical equation and the default entry of 0.5.  You can change this or keep it and then click on ‘OK’, at this point the process will begin and depending on the size of the image, your compter’s processing power it might be a few seconds to even a minute.

Notice that in the above images and the original ones in the previous exercise, you can clearly see the indications of the SEAL being applied to the certificates and certifications with the exceptions of FactCheck #2. WHY? Is this not supposed to be the same document as the DailyKos document (which again, HAS NO SEAL, but that was apparently scanned), or ‘FTS’ Fight the Smears (again another scanned image that has no SEAL), or the FactCheck #3 that clearly shows an embossed SEAL (but not the type defined by the State of Hawaii), so how does FactCheck #2 account for it’s existence?

Here is an original Hawaiian Certification and the SEI version;

Even this one that is NOT scanned shows evidence of the embossed SEAL.

So why doesn’t the following images show any evidence of an embossed SEAL?

FTS – Fight The Smears

The DailyKos supposed scanned imaged [resized from the original]

Or FactCheck #2

So in reality we are not talking about ONE image or document that does not contain the SEAL, we are talking about the DailyKos image that was posted in mid-June 2008 [that is a high resolution image], the FTS image posted in Aug 2008 and the FactCheck # 2 document [another high resolution] image posted after that. Now, just to be fair, here is the FactCheck #3 that does show embossing of a non-State of Hawaii issued SEAL applied. [Image resized, and area enlarged to see embossing visible]

Now I would like to remind you what the State of Hawaii has stated.

The SEAL is applied by machine and there is lettering, that lettering being “Department of Health” and “State of Hawaii”. So how does the Seal disappear and reappear and disappear off the same document?

Part 3 will also explore another aspect of digital enhancement.

“Cry Havoc! And slip the dogs of war”.


Liar Lawyer who misrepresents the facts posted the following

“He also repeats his previous claim (which he pontificated on at length in his original ‘analysis’) that the COLB as posted on Kos should be considered a forgery because you can’t see any bleedthrough from the signature inkstamp. Of course, in another post he treated another COLB that similarly had no signature bleedthrough as unquestionably legitimate, which just serves to remind readers that Steve and other Birther ‘analysts’ pick and choose their evidentiary standards as they go along, without regard for consistency.”

Here is the facts and liar lawyer is smacked down again.

Here is the link to that other post: another post

The COLB that he is referring to is the following

Here are some additional images that prove that liar lawyer not only doesn’t know anything about analysis or documents and that the signature stamp that he claims is not there is not only there, but detectable, unlike the Obama ‘FORGED’ COLB that appeared on the DailyKOS and Fight the Smears that has no signature stamp and the FactCheck ‘FORGERY’ that has no embossed SEAL or signature stamp.


The image below with the Embossed SEAL, the Date Stamp, and the signature Stamps clearly visibe. The image was inverted to create a negitive of the original above.

The next image is the same COLB with the same inverted image [negitive] with the exposure increased to highlight the details. Note that the embossed SEAL, the Date stamp, and the signature stamp are even more detailed and pronounced.

in the third image we increase the Zero Point and even more details of the embossed SEAL, Date stamp, and signature stamp are evident.

In the forth image we ‘flip’ the image horizontally to be able to read the correct orientation. The date stamped is FEB 19 2003, the birth was on October 4, 1977, the embossed SEAL is evident and correct per the ‘State of Hawaii – Department of Health’ and the signatures stamp is evident.

Again, unlike Obama’s ‘FORGED’ COLB that has no signature stamp that was posted on the DailyKOS and Fight the Smears, and one version posted on FactCheck. This lawyer misrepresents the facts, and is again proven to be the liar that he is.

4 Responses

  1. Great job! Your case is proved: these documents are fakes. They are clumsy forgeries whose perpetrators can have only one purpose: to hide the truth that Obama does not have an Hawaiian birth certificate. No! Why? Because he was not born in the United States. He has lied his way into the White House!

    Forgery of official documents with intent to deceive is a crime. Obama could have stopped this fraud at any time by producing the original birth certificate which he has repeatedly declared is in his possession. Since he refuses to produce it, and allows the fraud to continue, he is a criminal co-conspirator.

    Reid, Pelosi, and the Supreme Court don’t care. The Banana is above the law. So tell it to the Marines.

  2. Maybe the KOS document is a color photocopy or print from a scan . . . you wouldn’t see the seal then.

    You know my take on the forgery issue. The only relevance of the C.O.L.B. is the distinction between a computer-generated prima facie document versus a certified photostatic copy of the original long form.

    The first is merely off birth data, and the second is valid ‘best’ evidence.

    In my blog, I detail how the C.O.L.B. data could have been entered into the computer database in the 1990’s* either from a HRS § 338-5 Compulsory Registration . . . or the original birth certificate issued by a licensed Hawaii birthing facility.

    If the former, the claims that Obama was born in Kenya definitely have merit. If from a long form, there is proof of Hawaiin birth.

    * There were no computer databases and laser printers in 1961.

  3. I have done some of the ‘prove it yourself’ here. I have also done additional analysis and comparison to images from known real COLB.

    – The FTS, DK and FC images are from the same source. Likely large document on the DK site. This is determined by the small artifacts that are likely scanner dust. What is interesting is that the largest artifact – the large dot to the left of the State of Hawaii seal is missing from the FC photos. That artifact was very visible after printing the DK document. So apparently someone knew that would be problem and fixed that visible defect via photoshop or any simple software package. Its a simple fix. But, they were lazy or not aware of the other artifacts that do not show up to the naked eye and they did not fix these other specks. These small image on the FTS site left the large ‘SOH dot’ artifact and it is clearly visible. The remaining same artifiacts are not visible due to the scaled down images size. So without a doubt the image maps of the documents/scans/photos/images from the 3 sites are from the same source. If one is fake – they are all fake.

    I use a freeware package called IrfanView. It provides all the basic needs for digital photo manipultion. I replicated the attempt to find the raised seal in FC photo birth_certificate_3.jpg. I used edge detection along with intesified gamma correction. Nothing. There is no seal on the document.

    When I magnified the FC photo I found some very slightly miscolored pixels that made me believe that somehow the software was missing the the 3D seal. But I believe those to be related the very slightly visible seal image from the DK document.

    Another interesting find was that when you subject the BHO COLB images and scans / photos of real COLBs you to the ‘Find Edge’ function from IrfanView you get an interesting result in the border at the top. The BHO COLB images show a box around the words ‘CERTIFICATION OF LIVE BIRTH’ with very distict vertical lines before the C and after the H. The same function applied to a real COLB shows no sign of this ‘box’. There are no vertical lines before the C and after the H. The pattern just stops and picks up again. It was an unexpected finding but one that seems indicate that the border of the BHO COLB image was manufactured and was not created by the SOH printing function.

    Sames and findings in pictures are at:

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