No Christmas for ObamaLand

Over the past few weeks I have posted additional material concerning the COLB forgery. I have posted one minor piece a bit  off key to keep one person off track. But I had a reason for this. While he has been  chasing his tail, I have been distributing material and statements to lawyers and other people.  As mentioned in my previous post, about this person and what steps I have taken. But as they say on tv “But wait there’s more”

Here is the Christmas present to all of ObamaLand and this lawyer.  

I have updated my previous post to include the origional image that was to be posted, but swapped to keep Loren Christopher Collins, Obot lawyer and George Soros little hack’s panties in a wad. When in reality the only thing that he did was to now push all the evidence into other peoples hand including my relatives who are personal  friends of Chuck and Sally Heath. I will leave it to the readers to find out who Chuck and Sally Heath are.

So all in ObotLand, you can thank Loren Christopher Collins for the information about the COLB forgery, including a much more detailed analysis and statements being in the hands of those who can really use it.

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