If you give a Doofus the Presidency

If you give a Doofus the Presidency,

He’s going to expect you believe him.When you ask him tough questions, he’ll tell you tall tales.

When he’s finished with tales, he’ll smile with glee.

Looking for others to blame and to smear, make them your villains, with him if you dare.

Then onto the business, he wants to control. It’s for our own good, how often we’re told.

He’s finished with the auto makers, now crippled and hurt. Now, Wall Street and banks, securities and more. He’ll sweep up the bonuses with taxes sky high, till everyone’s paying right through the eye. He might get carried away with sweep and control till everything’s all under the Government control. He may even end up owning healthcare, forbid.

 When he’s done, he’ll say it was necessary you see. It’s the evil insurance companies, we’ll get even you’ll see. Hell fix the unemployment crisis the same way too, for him with a plan and a scheme or two. He’ll fudge the numbers and lie just the same. He’ll make himself look good as the bearer of change. With hope for something and fluff for spice, the tales he’ll spin will sound rather nice.

 He’ll ask you to believe with rhetoric and woe. As the kool-aide only lasts so long you know.  He’ll draw a new plan, and say with glee, he’s reinvented himself for you and for me. The prompters in place for the speeches he’ll give, it’s all about him don’t you know.

 He turns to his friend’s, now quivering with fright, the mid-terms are coming and it doesn’t look nice. Under the bus or out on their ear, many of his followers developing real pink slip fear.

  With the settling dust, and the stench from his time, to clean up his mess will take quite a time. Blaming others once more, as he’s done along, “it’s not my fault”

He’ll hang his achievements and lack thereof, by himself all alone admiring with glee the work that he wrought for you and for me.

  And chances are if you give a Doofus the Presidency , he’s going to expect you believe him.


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