Kenyan official: Obama born here, “not even a native American.”

During debate over the draft of a new Kenyan constitution, James Orengo, the country’s minister of lands and a member of parliament for the Ugenya constituency, cited America’s election of a Kenyan-born president as an example of what can be accomplished when diverse peoples unite:

The Kenyan lawmaker told the nation’s parliament last month that Barack Obama was born in Africa and is therefore “not even a native American.”

The full quote; “If America was living in a situation where they feared ethnicity and did not see itself as a multiparty state or nation, how could a young man born here in Kenya, who is not even a native American, become the President of America? It is because they did away with exclusion. What has killed us here is exclusion; that once Mr. Orengo is President, I know of no other place than Ugenya. That is why we were fighting against these many Presidencies in the past. I hope that Kenya will come of age. This country must come of age. People want freedom and nations want liberation, but countries want independence.” It appears that the Kenyan Government has changed the location of the file.
Here is an updated link:

UPDATE: The Kenyan Government is scrubbing this document. I have uploaded it here LINK

The statement is on page 31 of the PDF document. Also when did the United States do away with exclusion? What exclusion? The Natural Born Citizen clause? When was this done?

So who is James Orengo?

James Orengo, (James Jimmy-Jimmy Owadgi Adhiambo Orengo) is a lawyer and former presidential candidate in Kenya. Orengo has since been sworn in as a Minister for Lands in the new Coalition Government formed by the National Accord Act of 2008. As of 2007 he is still the SDP chairman. The party supported Raila Odinga of Orange Democratic Movement at the 2007 general elections. Raila Odinga is the first cousin of Barack Obama.

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  1. This shouldn’t surprise anyone who has a grasp of what goes on in this country. Here is a man that has spent almost a million dollars keeping all of his records out of sight of the public. Obviously there is something out there that he and his handlers don’t want the American people to know about. But as much as he can shut up Americans he can’t stop the mouths of everyone in Africa. The Africans are not yet subject to a managed media yet as we are in this country so sometimes they come out and tell the truth.

    I’d like to see a copy of a real birth certificate from Mr. Obama, something other than that charade they have posted presently. Maybe someone in Kenya knows where there is one, and if so, Obama’s handlers had better get to them before they can say anything so the story can continue to be suppressed.

    Al Benson Jr.

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