We the People on April 20th in Madisonville, TN

Calling all Patriots from across this great land. Stand with us as we march on 
ground zero of our fight for freedom, Liberty and our Constitutional Republic. 
Drop what you’re doing and make the necessary arrangements to be there.                                      

April 20, 2010

Be in Madisonville, TN at the Monroe county courthouse starting at 0900
where we will show the support this Hero deserves as he has his day in this
court. No excuses, this is it. This is where we begin to restore our Republic.

Lt. Cmdr Fitzpatrick has been released as of Approx. 11:30 this AM. April 6th
We will now push to have a large contingent present at his hearing on April 20th
Thank you all for the calls to TN officials.

Links with all the information can be found here: