Barney Frank wants to see Rep. Djou’s birth certificate – What about Barack Hussein Obama’s

Tongue firmly in cheek, Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) on Tuesday afternoon called on reporters to demand to see the birth certificate of new Rep. Charles Djou (R-Hawaii).

As Djou (pictured here) was being sworn into office, Frank walked the hallway of the Speaker’s Lobby off the House floor calling on the media to “do your job” and review Djou’s papers. 

It was a small bit of payback for the enormous amount of attention some conservatives (and the media) paid to the is-the-president-really-from-America controversy.

But, unlike the commander-in-chief, as Frank knows, being born outside the U.S. does not preclude you from becoming a member of Congress.

So what about Barney Frank demanding to see the Birth Certificate of Barack Hussein Obama, the illegal undocumented foreigner, who has spent in excess of $1.6 million to prevent any of his personal records from seeing the light of day. Barack Hussein Obama has been using forged papers and a fabricated past in his deception of the American people. Barack Hussein Obama is not an American citizen!