The Preponderance of the Evidence or The Seriousness of the Charge

Another newspaper article has emerged that in not one quote but two point to Kenya as the birthplace of Barack Hussein Obama. 

The Tanzania Daima published an article in Swahili dated September 2, 2006, which, using Google Translator, seems to state that Barack Hussein Obama was born in the country of Kenya. …continued at link(s) below.

First significant quote:
“Government here imemshambulia U.S. senator, born here, Barack Obama, Kenyans and kubeza ikimtuhumu kuwatukana yojipatia success when they tour here in nature.”

Second significant quote:

“He’s born here, who live in the U.S. during his visit every whither he was received with great reception of thousands of Kenyans and was gumzo country, including places he visits the town of his grandmother on his father’s village.”

The fact remains that it was only after one speech at the Democratic Party Convention in 2004, that Barack Hussein Obama can onto the scene. Till that time as a Senator his place of birth did not matter, just like others that have been documented as Mel Martinez, former US Senator born in Cuba.

As a junior State Senator from Illinois is when he traveled to Africa, it was these newspaper references that have been posted and noted state that he was born in Kenya, even the AP wires.

Until he was running for the Presidency, He had only 130+ days as a US Senator before starting to campaign for the Presidency and as such not much outside contact that afforded him a cover story of being born in Hawaii.

The preponderance of the evidence, or in laymans terms; the greater weight of the evidence has numerous statements both on official records and in print that in fact Barack Hussein bama was born in Kenya. In absence of a valid, certified, and authentic long form birth certificate from any hospital, doctor, or birthing facility in the United States all evidence points to a foreign birth. 

 The mountain of evidence that is emerging that Barack Hussein Obama is not who and what he portrayed himself to be to the American electorate, the deception goes beyond using forged douments and a farbricated past to swindle the American public into believing that he was Constitutionally  eligible as per the United States Constitution. That same evidence is exposing the corruption in the United States Congress and the Judicial Branch and those that were complicit in the crime of treason against the United States Constitution, which they swore to uphold and protect and the citizens of this nation.

After repeated attempts to have their concerns redressed and investigated and properly handled, they have willingly and with malice and forethought forfeited their obligation, no different the the United States government deciding what laws to enforce when it comes to immigration or cases involving voter intimidation.  Willingly neglecting their oath and obligation is mocking civil government, it’s rules and laws, and the United States Constitution. May God have mercy on their souls, as he will be their final judge.