Statements by the Kenyan Government on Obama


Kenyan Parliament notes dated 11/11/2008
There is big talk about Obama and Kogelo, and the increased tourist attraction in that area. However, the road in that area cannot allow people to reach Kogelo. Of course, I am glad the Government is in the process of expanding the airport. But one would need to take a drive to appreciate the situation.

What would be the tourist attraction – the birth place of Barack Obama. Not Mombassa but Kogelo?

Or from the 12/11/2008 

Mr. Mututho: Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, most of these refugees left because of fighting for multi-party democracy. Now that we have a Grand Coalition Government and even better still and more enticing that we are the first country that President-elect Obama has decided to call and to acknowledge the good relationship with this country, could the Assistant Minister issue a circular through the media or any other means asking Kenyans who are abroad that Mwakenya does not exist any more and they should all come back now and help us to develop this country?

Or this one


Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, let me remind you of what hon. Reverend Jesse Jackson said. When he was running for the [The Vice-President and Minister for Home Affairs] presidency of the United States of America (USA), just like Barrack Obama who is of Kenyan origin and is almost making it. The Reverend Jesse Jackson said of Michael Dukakis who was of Greek origin that their forefathers came to the United States in immigrant ships and Jesse Jackson and his forefathers came to the USA in slave ships. He studied divinity and Michael Dukakis studied law, but he said: “Whatever the original ship or boat, we are in the same boat this particular night” because they were all trying like Hilary Clinton and Barrack Obama, to run for nomination of their party.


 In fact, it has been part of our own customs. The mursik, that beautiful milk from Kipsigis land is based on the concept that if we introduce carbon to milk and ferment it, the pathogens will be attracted to the carbon and no mursik is known to cause any illness. That is biotechnology. Biotechnology has been used extensively even in Ukambani. We know the root systems in a lemon are much more advanced and so by cutting a shoot from a lemon and introducing an orange, that is biotechnolgy. You have a very stable plant which will be an orange and not a lemon.
Madam Temporary Deputy Speaker, biotechnolgoy has been used extensively during the hybrid concept. The hybrid concept is taking those animals or plants which are said to be superior or have certain characteristics. For example, if you were to breed for milk production, those ones with good characteristics, good conversion ratio and so on and so forth. That cross-breeding or upgrading brings in hybrids, and the hybrid system has been used extensively again here particularly in maize and that is what has made Kenya Seed Company prosper. This is close to Obamaism. Mr. Obama is a cross breed of the very best from Africa. That is hybrid and it is a fact. It is S1 cross and a superior person. That is technology.

Is Obama a freak?

 OFFICIAL REPORT Thursday, 13th August, 2009 The House met at 2.30 p.m.

Mr. Temporary Deputy Speaker, Sir, people have talked about Kogelo. Recently, I heard that they are going to make a film on Obama and that it will be done in South Africa. So, there will be a Kogelo in South Africa and not Kenya. Look at those things. Why would film-makers want to go to South Africa and not Kenya? Those are the big
questions that you want to be asking yourself. You will find that you are either charging very high fees or there is something wrong in licensing film-makers to come to this country.
Our founding President, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta– In the United States of America (USA), all presidents have developed libraries. Kenyatta is legendary! Why do we not encourage the creation of Kenyatta Memorial Library in Gatundu so that people can actually visit? Instead of his body lying here in Nairobi protected, it should be moved to a place where tourists can visit and be able to see this legendary figure; how he lived, what he had and so on. There are plenty of cultures.
Thursday, 13th August, 2009 CON’T

We have a problem with Customs and we have a problem with everything else. If we were just to go out of our way and have tax exemptions for people in the film industry, they would not have gone to shoot an Obama film in South Africa. They could have done it in Kogelo itself!


Mr. Temporary Deputy Speaker, Sir, the President of the world is the son of Mr. Hussein 42
Obama who was the son of Obama Opiyo. Mr. Obama Opiyo was the son of Jotham Ndalo Obama who was buried in Karachuonyo. Actually, the entire family lived in Karachuonyo which is my constituency. That is the very reason that today we are celebrating the inauguration of the President of the world, Obama. What we have in place are prayers, songs, dances and jubilations. People are so happy in Karachuonyo. I am therefore, very happy that Parliament has allocated these few minutes to discuss this issue and send greetings to the people of United States of America (USA) and congratulate the President of the world


Mr. Temporary Deputy Speaker, Sir, I was imagining when the earlier contributors were talking about where the leadership is; whether it is in America or it is here. I was just imagining those who are now talking like the Member of Parliament for Alego Usonga— If they had allocated the land that Obama was supposed to have been allocated by his father traditionally in Alego Usonga and Obama decided to settle there, definitely, he would be running America from this country! So, it is a great achievement.