When did Kenya became Hawaii?

 When did Kenya become Hawaii?

Barack Hussein Obama claims to have been born on the island of Oahu in Hawaii on Aug 4th, 1961. This claim is backed up by one and only one document [in three versions], and not one these has been proven to be a valid and authentic document. Just because it was initially accepted, does not mean it is real or factual.

More to the point, until Barack Hussein Obama was campaigning for the Presidency his place of birth was not an issue. The Constitutional requirements for the Presidency are clearly laid out in the United States Constitution Art. 2 sec. 5.  As it has been established here that a Natural Born Citizen is a person born to Citizen parent(s) at the minimal standards, but also born in country. Link SR 511 confirms this.

So if being born in the United States is all that is required for eligibility for the Presidency, Barack Hussein Obama should have no issue releasing a long form Birth Certificate issued from the State of Hawaii. Correct?  A long form Birth certificate contains all the recorded vital static’s at the moment of birth, the doctor, the witnesses, the weight, siblings (if any), parents, their occupations and other static’s.

So the question is ‘When did Kenya become Hawaii?’  Because until the campaign newspaper articles that referred too Barack Hussein Obama all reported ‘Kenyan-Born’.

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The first is a report that when Obama was running for Illinois State Senator he was ‘Kenyan-Born’. The report is from the AP or Associated Press. So even before Barack Hussein Obama was campaigning as a Presidential candidate the news media was reporting Obama as ‘Kenyan-Born’.

The Kenyan Government on their official record states that Obama was born in Kenya and is not even a US Citizen.  Link and more statements by the Kenyan Government

Barack Hussein Obama’s own wife Michelle has stated more then once that Kenya is his ‘Home Country’

So when did Kenya become Hawaii?

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