1959 or 1962 Does it matter?

Here is a simple photograph; it’s supposed to depict Barack Obama Sr arriving in Hawaii.

Note the caption again. ‘Welcoming ceremony’. No look at the following newspaper article dated June 20th 1962.

 The paper reports that Obama Sr. began his studies three years ago, placing his arrival inHawaiiin 1959.

However Stanley Armour Dunham was supposed to be inSeattle, living in the Shorewood Apartments onMercer Island, where they lived until 1960 and where their daughter Ann attendedMercer IslandHigh School. In 1957Stanleybegan working for the Doces Majestic Furniture Company. It was after the 1960 school year that the Dunham’s moved toHawaii.

 So how is it possible for Stanley Armour Dunham to be welcoming Barack Obama Sr. toHawaiiwhen he was 2700 miles away inSeattle.

 Not to mention what is a furniture salesman with no contacts at theUniversityofHawaii, doing welcoming a foreign exchange student.

 If this was 1959 when Barack Obama Sr. came toHawaii, then the official Obama timeline is again proven to be a fraud. More then likely this was in 1962, and Barack Obama Sr. was ‘leaving’Hawaiifor the mainland to attend Harvard. It is customary for leis to be given upon arriving or leavingHawaii.

 A lei can given to show love, friendship, respect, appreciation, … They are often worn to celebrate special occasions and it is traditional to present a lei to a person who is arriving in or leaving Hawaii. link

 However this being the case of Barack Obama Sr. leavingHawaii, it seems odd that the father-in-law, would be apparently happy as his supposed son-in-law is abandoning his daughter and new born son.

 Also note that if this in fact June 1962, Stanley Ann was already inSeattleattending classes at theUniversityofWashingtoninSeattle, since September 1961, a full nine months prior to this departure fromHawaii.

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