Who’s next?

 The Obama weapon mass destruction, had begun inflicting its world-wide damage to human civilization to his puppet-masters even before the election of 2008.

Recall that the Obama WND’s first address to the world was in Cairo,Egypt, the same speech that the Obama WMD lied aboutUShistory and claimed that there was any Muslim’s influence on this nation. Out right lying and pandering to the radical Islamic extremists was what this was all about. Obama WND’s false face in pretending to be a friend ofEgypt’s President Mubarak, as seen below.


 Who was the first to feel the Obama betrayal? Hosni Mubarak ofEgyptof course. The Muslim Brotherhood’s Arab Egypt’s riots and civil unrest were a test of keeping the Obama WMD in line and seeing how he would react in the keeping with his handlers agenda. The Obama WMD in his best false face forward, did nothing till the end was certain and then in his community organizing ways, cheered on change, regardless if it was for the worse. The abyss of Obama is always for change, it keeps stability and any chance of normalizing a crisis away. That is why crisis is the Obama WMD’s best friend. 


 Now, even before the Obama WMD ascended to his pivotal position to be the destroyer of all things civil, there were others that touted the Obama WND as their friend and brother, such as Muammar Gaddafi, as in






 Now thatEgypthas fallen into the Obama abyss of insanity, the Obama WND can turn its destructive agenda towardsLibyaand another dictator. Without authorization from Congress the Obama WMD has invaded another sovereign nation and at the behest of his puppet masters the Obama WMD willing fully disregarded the laws of theUnited Statesin order to bow to the interests of foreign nations and for religious purposes.


  One might ask why Obama is targeting dictators and promoting civil unrest?

 The Obama WMD is eliminating competition. By removing other dictators in its path, the civil unrest and breakdown of any civil society, it’s ensuring that human nature is reverting to the basic animal instincts and carnage that the Obama puppet masters are striving for.

 The one that is closest to the Obama WMD and is pushing the buttons is Valarie Jarrett, the Obama WMD is doing the dirty work of the Iranian regime and ensuring that the destruction ofIsraelis coming.

 The Obama WMD has done everything to ensure thatIsrael’s place in history is just that – history.

The Obama WMD has done nothing to stop Iran in its attempt to gain nuclear weapons, nor has the Obama WMD done anything, but pursue the creation of a Palestinian State even to the point that the Obama WMD has openly criticized a sovereign nation Israel for building communities within their borders, demanding that Israel accept the 1967 borders,President Barack Obama is endorsing the Palestinians’ demand for their future state to be based on the borders that existed before the 1967 Middle East war, in a move that will likely infuriate Israel. In a speech outliningU.S.policy in the Middle East andNorth Africa, Obama sided with the Palestinians’ referring to the 1967 borders.

 The Obama WMD is out of his league when it comes toIsrael. The citizens of theUnited Statesmight have been doped to allow an illegal undocumented foreigner like Baracka Abdallah Husein Obama to ascend into power, but GOD will not be mocked.

 So whom will the Obama WMD target next? Which one of the leaders that Obama graced during the Obama World-wide Apology tour, will see their fate sealed as Mubarak did or as Gaddafi is now, will it be?


The Illegal Obama

PICKET: Obama’s illegal uncle arrested; ‘Uncle Omar’ almost hits cop car, tries to call White House


The Australian is reporting that Onyango Obama has retainedCleveland lawyer Margaret Wong. This is the same immigration attorney who successfully represented Mr. Obama’s sister Zeituni, when she managed to avoid deportation toKenya. Mr. Obama pleaded not guilty at his remand hearing.

*Clarification: Onyango Obama nearly hit the police car. He did not actually hit it, according to police reports.

A number of media outlets have already reported that an illegal immigrant from Kenya by the name of Onyango Obama, 67, was arrested last week on Wednesday after he nearly rammed his SUV into a police car inFramingham,Massachusetts.

He was later charged with DUI among other violations. I spoke to Framingham Public Information Officer Lieutenant Delaney who told me that when Onyango Obama was asked at booking if he wanted to make a telephone call to arrange for bail, the Kenyan immigrant replied: “I think I will call the White House.”

 It should be noted that the Times of London, highlighted an Onyango Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign, when the British daily found President Barack Obama’s “Aunt Zeituni” living inBoston illegally.:

Dreams From My Father was first published in 1995, and the story of how Mr Obama returned to Kenya in 1988 to trace his roots has become the cornerstone of his political biography. Yet theUS media appears to have overlooked the passage indicating that at least one relative of Mr Obama’s had moved toAmerica and might still be there.

Two thirds of the way through the book Mr Obama’s half-sister talked about Africans who had emigrated to the West and were never heard of again, “like our Uncle Omar, in Boston . . . They’ve been lost, you see”.

A few pages later Mr Obama meets his step-grandmother, Sarah, for the first time in the village of Kogelo. On the walls of her hut are photographs of Omar, “the uncle who had left for America 25 years ago and never came back”. Touchingly, she asks the future presidential candidate if he has any news of Omar, her son and Mr Obama’s half-uncle.

The article continues:

This triggered a six-week search, one that would lead eventually to Boston and to Aunt Zeituni. Public record searches found traces of O. Onyango Obama, Uncle Omar’s real name, in Boston. A friend and a former landlady said that he now uses the name Obama Onyango.

In the course of searching for Uncle Omar The Times found a Zeituni Onyango, who also played a prominent part in Mr Obama’s book.

In the memoir Auntie Zeituni, Uncle Omar’s sister, explained the family’s complex family tree to the future presidential candidate, introduced him to other relatives and fed him a herbal remedy for an upset stomach.

Also, a wikipedia page about the president’s family that has not been edited since August 2 mentions Uncle Omar:

Omar ObamaHalf-uncle of Barack Obama,[126] born on June 3, 1944 in Nyang’oma Kogelo. Oldest son of Onyango and Sarah Obama, resides inBoston,Massachusetts.

The daily log from the Framingham Police Department shows the Onyango Obama that was arrested last week inFramingham, aBoston suburb, has the birth date of June 3, 1944. 

Metrowest Daily first reported Onyango Obama’s arrest:

After the near crash, Onyango Obama, 67, told Officer Val Krishtal that Krishtal should have yielded to his Mitsubishi SUV, according to a report filed yesterday in Framingham District Court.

Krishtal said he and another driver had to slam on their brakes to avoid hitting the SUV, which rolled through a stop sign and took a quick left turn.

Obama said he doubted the officer slammed on his brakes because he did not hear the tires squeal, the report says.

Krishtal said he was onWaverly Streetheaded towardSouth Streetwhen his police car was cut off. Krishtal pulled the SUV over around 7:10 p.m.

Obama failed several field sobriety tests and was arrested. At the police station, Obama failed a Breathalyzer test, registering .14. The state legal limit is .08.

Obama was charged with driving under the influence of liquor and driving to endanger. He was also cited for not using a turn signal.

According to article, federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement has warrant for his arrest and ICE previously ordered him to be deported back toKenya. In the meantime, a judge has not set bail on the driving charges but ordered that he be held on the ICE warrant.  

Barack Obama’s uncle has been arrested and held as illegal immigrant

  • James Bone and Catherine Philp
  • From: The Times
  • August 29, 2011 10:00AM

President Barack Obama’s aunt, Zeituni Onyango, at a closed immigration hearing last year. Onyango, half-sister of Obama’s late father, moved to the United Statesin 2000 and she was ordered deported in 2004. Source: AP

BARACK Obama’s long-lost “Uncle Omar” has been arrested for alleged drink-driving outside Boston and detained as an illegal immigrant, The Times can reveal.

The arrest ends a mystery over the fate of a relative that theUSPresident wrote in his memoir had moved toAmericafromKenyain the 1960s, although the circumstances of his discovery may now prove to be an embarrassment for the White House.

Official records say Onyango Obama, 67, was picked up outside the Chicken Bone Saloon inFramingham,Massachusetts, at 7.10pm on August 24. Police say he nearly crashed his Mitsubishi 4×4 into a patrol car, and then insisted that the officer should have given way to him. A report filed with the Framingham District Court said that a breathalyser at the police station registered his blood alcohol at 0.14mg/100ml of blood, above the state limit of 0.08mg.

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According to a local newspaper, Mr Obama was charged with driving under the influence and driving to endanger, as well as failing to use a turn signal. He was detained as an illegal immigrant because the US Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement has an outstanding warrant for him because he was previously ordered to be deported toKenya.

The Times has established from his birthdate that Mr Obama is the Uncle Omar mentioned in President Obama’s best-selling memoir Dreams from My Father. In the 1995 book, President Obama writes of “the uncle who had left forAmerica25 years ago and had never come back”.

In 2008, The Times mounted a search for Uncle Omar. Instead of finding him, we discovered his sister, President Obama’s Auntie Zeituni, who was living as an illegal immigrant on aBostonhousing estate. Uncle Omar and Auntie Zeituni are the children of President Obama’s grandfather Hussein Onyango Obama, by his third wife Sarah, the woman President Obama calls “Granny”, because she raised his father, Barack Sr, who was Hussein Obama’s son by Hussein’s second wife, Akumu.

The 2008 investigation unearthed public records naming an O. Onyango Obama, born on June 3, 1944, living at a house in theBostonsuburbs, where he was known as Obama Onyango.Framinghampolice records list the man arrested last week as Onyango Obama, with the same birth date, June 3, 1944.

According to local reports, Officer Val Krishtal and another driver had to slam on their brakes to avoid hitting Mr Obama’s car, which rolled through a stop sign and took a quick left turn. Mr Obama allegedly told the officer he had right of way and said he doubted the officer was forced to brake hard as he did not hear his brakes squeal.

Mr Obama pleaded not guilty at his remand hearing, but was held in custody because of the immigration warrant. He now faces a legal battle. His sister Zeituni eventually won the right to live inAmericadespite an earlier deportation order. Margaret Wong, theClevelandlawyer who successfully represented Zeituni, confirmed through a representative last night that she has also been retained to defend Mr Obama.

“Before he went toAmerica, we all knew him as Omar. But he dropped that bit, changing it to Obama Onyango, because he said he preferred his African name,” said Nelson Ochieng, a cousin in the Kenyan city ofKisumu.

Mr Obama’s landlady inBostonwent to court to evict him in 2000 for non-payment of his dollars 500-a-month rent. He was also a partner in a convenience store that was set up in 1992, and was attacked in a robbery at the shop in 1994 by two men armed with a sawn-off rifle.


Here is an screen cap with the mugshot of Onyango Obama



As this blog has stated before ‘questionable documents abound in the Obama family’

Forged documents are a Family Affair with the Obama’s