Who’s next?

 The Obama weapon mass destruction, had begun inflicting its world-wide damage to human civilization to his puppet-masters even before the election of 2008.

Recall that the Obama WND’s first address to the world was in Cairo,Egypt, the same speech that the Obama WMD lied aboutUShistory and claimed that there was any Muslim’s influence on this nation. Out right lying and pandering to the radical Islamic extremists was what this was all about. Obama WND’s false face in pretending to be a friend ofEgypt’s President Mubarak, as seen below.


 Who was the first to feel the Obama betrayal? Hosni Mubarak ofEgyptof course. The Muslim Brotherhood’s Arab Egypt’s riots and civil unrest were a test of keeping the Obama WMD in line and seeing how he would react in the keeping with his handlers agenda. The Obama WMD in his best false face forward, did nothing till the end was certain and then in his community organizing ways, cheered on change, regardless if it was for the worse. The abyss of Obama is always for change, it keeps stability and any chance of normalizing a crisis away. That is why crisis is the Obama WMD’s best friend. 


 Now, even before the Obama WMD ascended to his pivotal position to be the destroyer of all things civil, there were others that touted the Obama WND as their friend and brother, such as Muammar Gaddafi, as in






 Now thatEgypthas fallen into the Obama abyss of insanity, the Obama WND can turn its destructive agenda towardsLibyaand another dictator. Without authorization from Congress the Obama WMD has invaded another sovereign nation and at the behest of his puppet masters the Obama WMD willing fully disregarded the laws of theUnited Statesin order to bow to the interests of foreign nations and for religious purposes.


  One might ask why Obama is targeting dictators and promoting civil unrest?

 The Obama WMD is eliminating competition. By removing other dictators in its path, the civil unrest and breakdown of any civil society, it’s ensuring that human nature is reverting to the basic animal instincts and carnage that the Obama puppet masters are striving for.

 The one that is closest to the Obama WMD and is pushing the buttons is Valarie Jarrett, the Obama WMD is doing the dirty work of the Iranian regime and ensuring that the destruction ofIsraelis coming.

 The Obama WMD has done everything to ensure thatIsrael’s place in history is just that – history.

The Obama WMD has done nothing to stop Iran in its attempt to gain nuclear weapons, nor has the Obama WMD done anything, but pursue the creation of a Palestinian State even to the point that the Obama WMD has openly criticized a sovereign nation Israel for building communities within their borders, demanding that Israel accept the 1967 borders,President Barack Obama is endorsing the Palestinians’ demand for their future state to be based on the borders that existed before the 1967 Middle East war, in a move that will likely infuriate Israel. In a speech outliningU.S.policy in the Middle East andNorth Africa, Obama sided with the Palestinians’ referring to the 1967 borders.

 The Obama WMD is out of his league when it comes toIsrael. The citizens of theUnited Statesmight have been doped to allow an illegal undocumented foreigner like Baracka Abdallah Husein Obama to ascend into power, but GOD will not be mocked.

 So whom will the Obama WMD target next? Which one of the leaders that Obama graced during the Obama World-wide Apology tour, will see their fate sealed as Mubarak did or as Gaddafi is now, will it be?


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