Barry the BS’er thinks he’s still in college

Obama Gives Himself An “Incomplete” Grade On Fixing The Economy After Four Years

In an interview with KKTV of Colorado Springs, Obama Gives Himself An “Incomplete” Grade On Fixing The Economy After Four Years. (9-3-12).

It is unbelievable that after four years Barry the BS’er has the ‘AUDCITY’ to place the blame on someone else, refuse responsibility, and own his failed policies, and to give himself an ‘INCOMPLTETE’, this is not college. It’s real and the grade is an ‘F’. Failure, just like his idiot policies, his unAmerican work ethic.

OBAMA’s own word state that he’s a one term proposition.

Barry the BS’er or Instant Replay Four Years Later

Barry the BS’er can’t find any new material to pander to the uneducated, easily fooled Kool-aide swelling supporters so he again using the same open ended whatever you believe it to be snake oil or instant gratification to sucker you in so he’s using the Instant Replay Four Years Later. Watch as he states the same material, over and over again. A broken record, a pathetic loser. A waste of human dna that can only blame others.

4 years ago unemployment 7.3%……now 8.3%

4 years ago gas $1.89 a gallon…….now $4+ gallon – highest labor day price in history
4 years ago debt $10.6 Trillion……now $16 Trillion
4 years ago AAA credit rating …….now AA
4 years ago food stamp recipients 32 million……now 46 million
4 years ago 39.8 million americans in poverty… 48 million
4 years ago misery index 7.8% ……now 11.9% – a 53% increase
4 years ago debt per person $35K……now $49K

For the younger voters that were suckered the last time, look at this and realize that you had better wake up.

h/t The Looking Spoon

Obama Campaign Slogan

Here is the ‘truth in advertising’ Obama 2012 Campaign banner