Scot Sheely attempts to cover up


Tea Party Nation moderator Scot Sheely has been posting crap to justify banning folks with an opposing opinion and choice of presidential Candidates.

In the following post


Scot Sheely is making excuses, first off in the previous posts Scot Sheely is clearly referencing Nazi images, swatstikas, etc. The image that he links is one that was created over 5 years ago and here it is.


The ignorant Scot Sheely can’t see past his nose that it depicts Hernman Cain, and because he was not a slave to the Democrat Party and wasn’t in bondage to the ecomonic slavery that the Democrats enslave. It was posted all across the internet and no one complained. However Scot Sheely has nothing else to complain about.

I guess you have to have some intelligence to be able to interpret things and Scot Sheely doesn’t have any.

Again, here is what Scot Sheely stated on banning.

Posting images of Adolf Hitler, the Nazis, Nazi swastikas or any other similar violent, anti-Semitic imagery or lingo in the manner in which you posted such content is a legitimate cause for banning. Discussing the name Hitler is radically different from posting Nazi images, including Hitler. Including images of the WWII Nazis in the context of an original new thread discussing the holocaust or a similar event is acceptable if it is topical, timely and relevant. Attempting to tie those images into a current political candidate, regardless who it is, is unacceptable.

Don’t message us and ask why you were banned, this is the only explanation you need.

I will give you one more chance to participate after a one month cooldown ‘timeout’ period. You will not be able to log back in until 4-10-16 @ 4:00 PM EDT.

Your activities will be closely monitored once you are able to participate again a month from now.

This will be your final warning before being permanently banned.

Below is a photo posted by Scot Sheely and notice whom he attacks, makes fun of. Cause mocking Trump is Ok, but Cruz is protected. Note that in Scot Sheely’s statement above, he doesn’t reference the image of Cruz that was his excuse for banning, but a completely different image that was posted 5 years prior.

Scot Sheely is full of shit!

It’s OK cause it is his agenda to promote Ted Cruz, and as a moderator he thinks he’s untouchable. I wonder what the IRS will be saying, and I wonder that Judson Phillips will be says after Scot Sheely is exposed.


Again, here is the image I posted of Teddy cruz that Scot Sheely’s panties in a wad.


Scot Sheely – WORLD CLASS HYPOCRITE and Cruzbot Roach!

Here is another pserson that as been banned by Scot Sheely;



Tea Party Nation – the den of hypocrisy

Scot Sheely named in IRS Complaint against Tea Party Nation

Scot Sheely named in second IRS complaint

Scot Sheely attempts to cover up

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