Meet Scot Sheely – TPN Moderator and political censorship

It appears that Scot Sheely has been known in the Tea Party circle for some time for his vulgar comments and deleting accounts of others whom he happens to disagree with. As a rabid Ted Cruz supporter, Scot Sheely will undoubtedly discredit and falsify documentation in justifying his banning and deleting others on political sites. The screenshot below is ample proof that Scot Sheely’s actions are only unethical by cross in political censorship.

Here is a member in the Tea Party Command Center describing Scot Sheely to a tee.


Note: .you are deleting accounts at the Tea Party Nation, of members who stand against Ted Cruz, I seen this for myself.

So who is this moderator known for deleting accounts at the Tea Party Nation, of members who stand against Ted Cruz?

A retired Air Force musician. All the screenshots below are all from websites after a google search.





I will be adding the above information to the IRS complaint #3 and as a moderator on Tea Party Nation, the owner Judson Phillips is responsible for the actions of his moderators and I an sure that Scot Sheely will try and worm his way out of any responsibility.

Since Scot Sheely like to use a image that was referring to ecomonic slavery on TPN, lets have a look at some of Scot Sheely’s caption work;




talk about racist language! What do say for yourself now Scot Sheely?


Tea Party Nation – the den of hypocrisy

Scot Sheely named in IRS Complaint against Tea Party Nation

Scot Sheely named in second IRS complaint

Scot Sheely attempts to cover up

Scot Sheely says ‘Deflector shields up!’



IRS Complaint #3 has been electronically filed.


Here is the section detailing the complaint



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