Trump campaign notified of unethical conduct

The Trump campaign has been notified and passed all relevant material posted here, concerning the unethical conduct at Tea Party Nation.


Specifically the targeting, banning, and deleting of individuals by moderators that do not support Ted Cruz.

Yes, this is a fact.

Allow me to explain.

As some of my followers know, Sandpoint Idaho is a small community. My father-in-law grew up there, owned a business there and raised a family there. His roots there are deep along with his family.

Here is a picture of my brother in law, my father in law and a high school friend, named Chuck.


The above picture is my father in law and Chuck Heath during the Spokane Bloomsday festival in the 1980’s. Whenever Chuck gets to Sandpoint old friends always get together.

My father in law went went to school and college with Chuck. They have been friends for over 60 years. Chuck married Sally. Here is a picture of Chuck and Sally. (yes, gotten off the internet)


Chuck is a great Packer fan. By the way, my father in law also played high school football with Jerry Kramer #64 of the Packers.  Wahoo!

Anyways, Chuck and Sally had a daughter named Sarah, born in Bonner General. After a few years, the Heath’s moved to Alaska, in a sleepy little town called Wasilla. Where Sarah grew up and married a young man named Todd Palin. Yes, a close friend of the family is Sarah Palin, the same Sarah Palin, who endorses Donald Trump.

My mother in law is also good friends of Chuck and Sally Heath, and so is another family friend Diana, who was also married to wonderful man, whom my father in law played high school football with. Not to mention my wife’s uncle, Terry’s brother Kenny and his wife. It’s a small world after all. Isn’t it!

I wonder what is going to happen when the Trump campaign reviews all the material posted here and then some not posted, about what is happening to their supporters.

BTW; since speaking with the IRS on several of the complaints. It is not neccessary to be directly involved, and as such multiple more complaints will be filed over the other people banned and deleted over at TPN and other sites. Below is one site that likes my material and research.


Some one thought they were being clever and decided that personal objectives overruled ethical conduct and IRS regulations. They however didn’t realize they screwed the pooch and then lied to cover it up. They also thought they would get away with it or that people would just sit by idly by and not do anything about it. They were wrong. Oh, how they are wrong.