Obama still smokin!



A reader pointed out Obama’s other brand of cigarettes


H/T Bryan

Stale Obama





Obama accusation vs Reality

Weekend at Bin Laden’s

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Obama White House Dinner Menu

It maybe a dog eat dog world out there, but in the Obama White House dog is the main course, along with a few side dishes.

The Newt Effect

Bitter Clinger


Michelle Obama’s claim she’s being branded an ‘angry black woman’ underlines White House desperation


Here’s the cartoon

Here’s my political poster done in June 2010

This blog says ‘Thank You’

This blog may appear to be small in the world of the internet, however I would like to say thank you to all the sites and blogs that have used my political posters, research, and breaking news over the past year. Here is a small sampling of those blogs and sites that deserve to be recognized. Thank you!

Will Obama avoid Arizona?