New Obama Movie

In honor of the racist bigots posting on several blogs, such as Sue, Black Lion, brygenon over on the Right Side of Life, who call anyone that has anything to say against “their” Obama a racist. I have decided to have a little fun and make the following illustration poking fun at their inabilty to see¬†facts. Mind you that unlike them, I do not revert and call people racists. I for one, standby Alan Keyes and Pastor Mannin, who also question the illegal undocumented alien, Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility as POTUS.

So here’s to you Sue, Black Lion, and brygenon

If you liked the ‘Grinch’, you’ll love the sequel


Reality Hurts


Racism in America – It’s REAL



Mo-gilla Gorilla

Another cartoon that I did enjoy

MO-Gilla Gorilla2

The Muslim Usurper