Thomas Jefferson – Natural Born Citizen

In Letters of Delegates to Congress, 1774-1789, Volume 21, Pages 250-251 ( ), we see notes from Thomas Jefferson from December 1783.

The first question is

“Qu. 1. Can an American citizen, adult, now inherit lands in England?”

to which Thomas Jefferson begins his answer with

“Natural subjects can inherit–Aliens cannot.
There is no middle character–every man must be the one or the other of these.”

(In other words, dual nationality did not exist. Citizenship was singular.)

Thomas Jefferson also wrote this in his answer:

“An alien is the subject or citizen of a foreign power.
The treaty of peace acknowleges we are no longer to owe allegiance to the king of G.B. It acknowleges us no longer as Natural subjects then.
It makes us citizens of independent states; it makes us aliens then.”

(So, in the context of these notes, an “alien” is an American citizen and not a British subject.)

The second question is

“Qu.2. The father a British subject; the son in America, adult, and within the description of an American citizen, according to their laws. Can the son inherit?”

and Thomas Jefferson answers, before dealing with an objection, 
“He owes allegiance to the states. He is an alien then and cannot inherit.”

(For the adult “alien” citizen son, the state of the British father does not descend to him, neither with respect to nationality/allegiance nor with respect to property.)

The third question is
“Qu. 3. The father a British subject. The son as in Qu. 2. but an infant. Can he inherit?”

Thomas Jefferson’s answer:

“1st. by the Common law.
We have seen before that the state of the father does not draw to it as an accessory that of the son where he is an adult.  But by the common law.”

(Thomas Jefferson wrote that there was “no middle character” between a “natural subject” and an “alien”. Further, he called the ADULT AMERICAN CITIZEN son of the British subject an ALIEN who could not inherit from the British father. So, it stands to reason that Thomas Jefferson is calling the MINOR son of the British subject a NATURAL SUBJECT by the common law in following the state of the father, even though the minor son is in America following the Treaty of Paris, called the “treaty of peace” in Thomas Jefferson’s answer to Question 1.)

“An alien is the subject or citizen of a foreign power.
The treaty of peace acknowleges we are no longer to owe allegiance to the king of G.B. It acknowleges us no longer as Natural subjects then.
It makes us citizens of independent states; it makes us aliens then.”

Here is the bomb- 
When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4,1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom’s dwindling empire. As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.‘s children.

Therefore Obama is an alien of the United States and an Alien is not, can not, nor EVER be a “Natural Born Citizen”

Certificate Security

State and Fereral Documents have embedded security features and these are designed to make if difficult to forge and duplicate.

Here are two examples. The first is the Obama marriage certificate. I did a search and was able to locate it. A used the same method used on the forged Obama COLB, adjusting the brightness and contrast to bring out the security featues. In the marriage certificate the words “VOID” are clearly visible, when using this method. This image has three different degrees of adjustment and I pasted the sections onto the origional as so you could see that they are real.


Here is my Son’s COLB issued in 2006 from the State of Washington. Using the same method as above again the words “VOID” are clearly visible. However these features are NOT clearly seen just by looking at the documents.


Remember Obama’s COLB is showing No embossed Seal. It is a computer generated forgery. The Security lines are discussed below, showing NO breakage from any stamp or SEAL being applied.

Bumper Sticker

Bumper Sticker




Obama ran campaign while ineligible to run for Presidency

Obama, asked if he was going to run for the Presidency in 2008, stated that he’d have to start running from day one, when elected into the Senate. He lied, He did.

He must have known then that he was ineligible to serve as President.

Then after the fact [after he was WAS running], the resolution was adopted. Therefore Obama with prior knowledge of his dual citizenship status, foreign adoption, etc. was a fraud.

Obama should NEVER have been permitted to run in the first place.

S. Res. 511, introduced on April 10, 2008 by Senator Claire McCaskill and co-sponsored by Senators Leahy, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Tom Coburn and Jim Webb, reported out of the Senate Judiciary Committee by Senator Leahy, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, without amendment and by unanimous vote of the Committee, S. Res. 511 expressed the “sense of the Senate,” confirming that Senator McCain, who was born in the Panama Canal Zone to parents who were both U.S. citizens, McCain’s father in the U.S. military and the McCain family living and on a U.S. military base, was, indeed, a “natural born” U.S. citizen and, thus, eligible to run for President and, if elected, to be President ( The resolution was adopted in the Senate by unanimous consent on April 30, 2008 (

You should be able to smell a rat when you consider how nice the irascible Leahy was, and the smell of that rat got a lot stronger when I ran across commentary (see that Obama, usually a no show and out campaigning, was in attendance and had a hand in crafting the specific language in this resolution, in particular, McCaskill and Obama added what some Senators thought was the unnecessary phrase,

“Whereas previous presidential candidates were born outside of the United States of America and were understood to be eligible to be President;” (see
Meaning that the ineligibility to run, means he was not qualified to run in the primaries and since the resolution was accepted after a number of primaries were already done, he should have been disqualified and removed from the ballots and the delegates given to the other candidates or the primaries re-run.
The issue of Florida and Michigan would have never happened and the DNC would have not been able to allow him to run.
In summary, Obama would never had the delegates or superdelegates nor the ability to have the nomination.

Just like Obama’s admission to holding citizenship from a foreign country at birth, disqualifies him.

From Obama own website:

Since Sen. Obama has neither renounced his U.S. citizenship nor
sworn an oath of allegiance to Kenya, his Kenyan citizenship
automatically expired on Aug. 4,1982.”

How could it expire, if he never had it?

Obama and Odinga

Compare the two

Obama ran on “Change”, Odinga ran on “your agent of Change”

Obama “Spreading the wealth”, Odinga “equitable sharing of resources and investments”

Obama meet with the largest Muslim fraction in the US in Minn., Odinga signed a MOU “memorandum of Understanding” to implement Shria law in Kenya in 1 year after being elected.

Obama has taken in over $600 million dollars in campaign contributions, some from overseas, which is against the US election policies, and as a sitting US Senator campaigned for Odinga in Africa and gave over $800 Thousand to his campaign. Odigna raised money in questionable practices also.

After Oginga lost the election, riots, civil disobedience followed, 500,000 Kenyan’s displaced, women and children murdered, churched burned.

What do you think will happen if Obama loses?

Why do you think we see things like this;

Obama’s Birth Certificate Forgery Proven

I have been looking into the Obama Birth Certificate.  Here’s what can be said.

Currently there are two different Birth Certificates. One off Obama’s web-site and the other on FactCheck. Here is the one on His web-site.

Notice that it does not have three items, Date stamp, signiture, or seal. The seal is embossed. Hence would clearly be visible.


Even if it was sent in a flat box, it is still missing the requied items, from the State. Nor would the Sate release the document electronically as some Obama supporters have suggested.

If the BC on his website was released by any official State Dept, it would have been notorized with the embossed SEAL, signed, and dated before it was released to ANYBODY. Including Obama himself.
If it was printed out by the Dept of Health via computer, it would have to have checked, verified, and Sealed, dated, and signed, before it was released to ANYBODY. Precaution to ANY official document.

The dept official stated that it should have the seal and date. Janice Okubo.

No let’s go to the FactCheck Birth Certificate.

Although this looks like a “Certified” Birth Certificate it is a forgery.  It does appers to have the date stamp, and signiture, however the SEAL is the give away to forgery.

Here is an actual Hawaii Birth Certificate;

Notice the embossed SEAL. Now we will look at the seal. We cropped the seal, flipped it, increased the contrast and look what we have. Below is the cropped/enlarged SEAL off a known good Hawaii Birth Certifcate.

Clearly able to read the following: “Department of Health” and “State of Hawaii”

[The above SEAL is NOT on Obama’s]

Now lets do the same with the embossed Sael off the FactCheck Birth certificatem, and see what we get.

again, another shot

Whats that, NO lettering stating where it was “Certified” from:

There IS NO lettering in the embossed SEAL.  There is NO “Department of Health” and “State of Hawaii” Some have e-mailed me claiming they can see the lettering… Sorry folks, the State of Hawaii confirmed that it is NOT their seal used. You can clearly see the difference between the two, and one is a fake seal. The fake seal is on Obama’s.

Below is a side by side comparison between the two seals. For all the Obama supporters out there who claim they see things on the seal that is not there. The one on the left is from an actual Hawaiian Birth Certificate and the one on the right is from the Obama Birth Certificate from FactCheck. OK, here it is again, the one on the left is REAL, the one on the right is Obama’s. Sorry if you tell the difference between right and left.


Here is an e-mail that I recieved from the State of Hawaii.


Do you understand what it says.  The official State seal used by the Department of Health, has lettering embedded into the seal.

Obama’s does not have any lettering and is not an official seal from the State of Hawaii.

It’s a forgery.  Obama can’t porduce a valid Birth Certificate, nor can he prove Natural Born Citizenship.

Obama was adopted by Lolo Soetor when he moved to Indonesia and the following is his “Official” registration at school in Indonesia.

Notice the name: Barry Soetoro Nationality: Indonesian Religion: Muslim

There it is folks. Obama busted!

I have been swamped with people saying that comparing Birth Certificates from two different states is not a valid comparison.  Here is an official US Guide for Birth certificates. There are standards for Birth Certificates, and the information contained therein.  The short form is limited in data, hence the long form or “Vault” copy prefered.




Standard certificate of live birth


The U.S. Standard Certificate of Live Birth, issued by the Public Health Service, has served for many years as the principal means of attaining uniformity in the content of the documents used to collect information on births in the United States. It has been modified in each State to the extent required by the particular State’s needs or by special provisions of the State’s vital statistics law. However, most State certificates conform closely in content to the standard certificate.
The first standard certificate of birth was developed in 1900. Since then, it has been revised periodically by the national vital statistics agency through consultation with State health officers and registrars; Federal agencies concerned with vital statistics; national, State, and county medical societies; and others working in public health, social welfare, demography, and insurance. This procedure has assured careful evaluation of each item for its current and future usefulness for legal, medical, demographic, and research purposes. New items have been added when necessary, and old items have been modified to ensure better reporting or, in some cases, dropped when their usefulness appeared to be limited.


1989 revision
–Effective January 1, 1989, a revised U.S. Standard Certificate of Live Birth (figure 4-A) replaced the 1978 revision. This revision provided a wide variety of new information on maternal and infant health characteristics, representing a significant departure from previous versions in both content and format. The most significant format change was the use of check boxes to obtain detailed medical and health information about the mother and child. It has been demonstrated that this format produces higher quality and more complete information than do open-ended items.




Obama’s lapel pin

Ok, here’s the deal. Seeing this guy makes my blood boil enough. Now this. Look at his lapel. Whereas the “Selected” One is too good to wear the flag of this country, he has the audacity to wear HIS campaign logo.  Self gradification is his theme. Just like the post before this. Obama has NPD.

Obama the dictator

Does Obama have Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

The following are some of the symptoms of NPD that can be seen in Sen. Obama:

He subtly misrepresents facts, opportunistically shifts positions, ignores data that conflict with his fantasy world, is overly confident and acts presidential despite commensurate merits and his modest life achievements, considers himself above the law, talks about himself in the third person, has a messianic vision of himself and his “mission,” displays false modesty while often evincing haughtiness, sublimates aggression, holds grudges and behaves as an eternal adolescent. These are narcissistic traits as seen in Sen. Obama by Dr. Sam Vaknin. The author of “The Malignant Self Love,” Vaknin states, “Barack Obama appears to be a narcissist.”

NPD is the prime disorder experienced by all the madmen of history – from Hitler to Stalin, Mao, Kim, Pol Pot, Osama, Khomeini, Saddam and Idi Amin. These men wreaked havoc and killed millions. They looked normal. Few suspected their insanity until it was too late.

Obama shares something else with these infamous narcissists: a chaotic childhood. One determining factor in the development of NPD is childhood abuse, such as the neglecting of his or her emotional needs.

Read his biographies, look into his troubled past, drug useage and current rheteric he’s spreading.
Remember he’s a reflection of us, such a person compensates his devalued and injured self with puffery, pomposity and by projecting a false image of majesty and authority. He retreats into a bubble universe of fantasy, in which he is loved, respected and omnipotent. Again. “The One”, The One we have been waiting for,  the oceans will recide, the earth can be healed.

Does this sound like a sound mind?

Like other dictators in history, Obama is setting himself to be well protected and adored by the masses.

He’s readied the member corps to follow him and be loyal subjects to his causes.
Here is a list of a few of these service groups;

Americans for part-time service.
Classroom Corps,Health Corps, Insurance Program, Clean Energy Corps, Veterans Corps, Homeland Security Corps,

let’s also mention the 0 – 5 Program.

Just like other demi-gods or dictators, cradle to grave obedience to him.

If the above doesn’t scare you, then I don’t know what would.

The Bail-out

Watch this abe informed about this bail-out.

The Democrats requiring Banks to LOWER Mortage requirements.

Obama’s call to Prayer