Ted Cruz is no Constitutionalist

Rafael ‘Teddy’ Cruz claims to stand for the United States Constitution. Nothing is further from the truth.


As reported by MSN

(Bloomberg) — Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz asked a federal judge in Texas to throw out a challenge to his eligibility to serve if he wins, saying there’s no legal basis to question his status as a “natural-born” U.S. citizen.

The Houston (CONSTITUTIONAL) birther challenge is the highest profile of several court cases filed after Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump publicly questioned Cruz’s eligibility when the Texas senator began to narrow the billionaire’s lead in campaign polls. Judges haven’t ruled in birther cases filed in Illinois and Florida. Cruz last week urged a state judge in Chicago to dismiss the case there, saying the complaint was improperly served by e-mail.

Cruz’s lawyer said challenges to a candidate’s eligibility are premature during the primary-voting season and must wait until he’s actually elected president, when that question should be resolved by the electoral college and Congress, “not this court.”

Well, there you have it yourself.

Quote: “challenges to a candidate’s eligibility are premature during the primary-voting season and must wait until he’s actually elected president, when that question should be resolved by the electoral college and Congress, “not this court.””

In plain legalize, Cruz’s lawyer states that he can run an illegal campaign, accept money via deceit and fraud, and no one can do nothing unless he’s elected.  If Teddy Cruz is elected, the Democrats will not only challenge his eligibility, but most likely win and the Democrat candidate will win by default. Talk about being hoodwinked by both political parties, as there is ample evidence that Ted Cruz is not only ineligible, but that that he also committed fraud running for the US Senate as a Canadian citizen. Talk about building a slush fund and defrauding the American people. Ted Cruz is a weasel and snake and needs to be exposed as the liar he is.

Cruz’s campaign by soliciting campaign contributions knowing that he’s ineligible  is defrauding the American public by disenfranchising (#1) the voters by enticing them to vote for an ineligible candidate.

Sending emails soliciting campaign funds and contributions  is also wire fraud. Anyone that has donated to the Cruz campaign their rights has been violated and should demand repayment.


#1 dis·en·fran·chise
gerund or present participle: disenfranchising
  1. deprive (someone) of the right to vote.
    “the law disenfranchised some 3,000 voters on the basis of a residence qualification”
    • deprived of power; marginalized.
      “a hard core of kids who are disenfranchised and don’t feel connected to the school”
    • deprive (someone) of a right or privilege.
      “a measure that would disenfranchise people from access to legal advice”

Obama Campaign Slogan

Here is the ‘truth in advertising’ Obama 2012 Campaign banner

Campaign Buttons

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Obama Campaign Sends Around Misleading DNC Video on GOP Debate

Obama Campaign Sends Around Misleading DNC Video on GOP Debate


 At last night’s Republican debate, the seven candidates talked about unemployment, taxes, regulations, former Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s talk of a goal of 5% GDP growth, the individual mandate in the health care bill, the Independent Medicare Advisory Board, welfare reform, the Tea Party, currency policy, the National Labor Relations Board, Boeing, TARP, the auto bailout, Rep. Paul Ryan’s Medicare proposal, former Gov. Mitt Romney’s health care program in Massachusetts, raising the debt ceiling, raising the retirement age for Social Security, the role of religion in public life, the 10th amendment, Libya, Afghanistan, and so on.

But President Obama’s 2012 campaign is sending out a DNC video suggesting the candidates spoke only about sharia law, an anti-gay-marriage amendment, repealing health care, Sarah Palin, and the space program.

“You should watch this,” says campaign manager Jim Messina in the email to supporters, “if you or anyone you know is wondering where the leading GOP candidates want to go, this clip makes it clear. The first big Republican debate last night was like a time machine. They want to go back to the failed policies of the past that caused the economic crisis in the first place. They want to go back and reopen every settled debate that they’ve lost over the last few years — on the health care law, on ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ and on reforming Wall Street’s abuses. They even want to turn back the clock and end Medicare as we know it.”

Here is the REAL record of Barack Abdallah Husein Obama

Bottom line, Barack Obama is a liar, a fraud, and will lie again in any way in every way.

Start asking the Reagan’s question now!

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