Pastor Manning

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

The truth like it needs to be told; Welcome back Pastor Manning...So, keep staring at the blackboard, your brains will be mush. I turned on Beck yesterday for the hell of it (the first time in NINE months) and I was amazed that the show was exactly the same as the last show that I saw. The same pictures on the blackboard, the same script and it has not stopped one damn thing.

Fox News has protected Obama aka Barry Soetoro long enough, the same man that will put a knife into their heart. I know most of you Beck-bots can not grasp this, but it is true. This is over your heads, because you are brainwashed and you obey the ‘talking’ blackboard.

Talking about czars does not scare the left, but the Obama eligibility issue DOES. Do not listen to the liars like Beck, Breitbart, Bill O’ or Coulter, because they are Murdoch puppets protecting John McCain’s alleged assistance in this conspiracy.

Notice that Fox only bashes the birther movement, but they refuse to have anyone on to dispute their lies? Joseph Farah mentioned on my radio show the other night that he challenged Bill O’ to a debate on the eligibility issue and Bill O’ said “NO THANKS”. The reason is because they would rather censor the entire topic, rather than report it and let the people see the truth or form their own opinion. They want to form it for you….

Keep talking about the issues; your country is almost gone, because it is too late. WE wasted valuable time not pushing the eligibility issue and idiots like Beck, Coulter and Breitbart are guilty of sabotaging this movement from growing inside the Tea Party. The Tea Party has already been subliminally brainwashed to not talk about this issue. 

It does not matter if the judges are corrupt and they will not side with the eligibility lawsuits, they know we are still here and it makes them very uncomfortable that their cover up will be exposed. BOTH parties took part in this cover up, because the elite have their own rules. Some very powerful people wanted Obama in office, Global influential people and foreign enemies like Russia and the Saudi's wanted this Marxist/Muslim agent inside of our defenses.

The damage has been done already. The Joint Chiefs should have demanded proof before Obama took the oath, but they are also part of the BIG LIE. They are traitors as well, because we now have a possible domestic enemy and foreign agent sitting inside the White House.


The media purposely killed the Obama birth certificate issue.

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