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Obama’s attempt at comedy

What happens when you attempt to tell a joke and make an A$$ of yourself.

If you have to tell someone you just told a joke after they failed to laugh, usually that tells you something. So it’s worth wondering what went wrong when the president tried to crack a funny while introducing his choice to head the new consumer protection bureau Monday afternoon.

During his introduction of former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray, the president mentioned that Cordray is a former five-time Jeopardy champion. Consequently, he said, “all [Cordray’s] answers at his confirmation hearings will be in the form of a question.”

The audience was silent.

“That’s a joke,” Obama said smiling, allowing the crowd to break out in a chorus of chuckles:

When you have to tell others it’s a joke, the comedian is severly lacking. Worse is the pandering media laughs on command. I wonder what doggie treats they get for acting on command. Begging strips?