The Obama wallpaper is coming off

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Obama a Narcissist: Dr. Sam Vaknin Speaks on Peter Boyles Show About Obama’s Narcissism


The Look

The Look

Obama a Narcissist: Dr. Sam Vaknin Speaks on Peter Boyles Show About Obama’s Narcissism and the Dangers | KNUS 710 Denver CO

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This is no surprise to those that see Barack Obama for what he is. I reported back in Sept of 2008, that Barack Obama has mental disorders and narcissism being biggest issue.  Just like in the clip below, Obama’s reality is a fabricated and make believe world where he is glorified and never wrong. However phony scandals don’t have body bags and Obama’s lies about the economy are being laughed at. With real unemployment being over 12% people are getting tired of the lies, deceit, and deception called Obama. Obama the diseased mind, the lunatic drug addict.

Read my article from Sept 2008, Obama the dictator.


Obama told ‘piss up a rope’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday explicitly rejected President Obama’s call for a Palestinian state based on the pre-1967 borders. In layman’s terms a real Statesman told Obama ‘piss up a rope’. The narcissistic illegal undocumented foreigner looks a bit rejected in the picture below.

Here is a screen capture off FoxNation with the short related article.

Way to go Benjamin Netanyahu!

Obama should also piss into the wind!

Obama finally says extremist when it comes to his faith