Obama and Odinga

Compare the two

Obama ran on “Change”, Odinga ran on “your agent of Change”

Obama “Spreading the wealth”, Odinga “equitable sharing of resources and investments”

Obama meet with the largest Muslim fraction in the US in Minn., Odinga signed a MOU “memorandum of Understanding” to implement Shria law in Kenya in 1 year after being elected.

Obama has taken in over $600 million dollars in campaign contributions, some from overseas, which is against the US election policies, and as a sitting US Senator campaigned for Odinga in Africa and gave over $800 Thousand to his campaign. Odigna raised money in questionable practices also.

After Oginga lost the election, riots, civil disobedience followed, 500,000 Kenyan’s displaced, women and children murdered, churched burned.

What do you think will happen if Obama loses?

Why do you think we see things like this;